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Wedding abroad

Wedding abroad

Wedding abroad

Do you want an unusual and impressive wedding ceremony? One that will be remembered for a lifetime, and children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will be happy to view photos from the celebration? What if you get married abroad? But where?

You can in Europe: the twilight of ancient temples, narrow streets, architectural delights, where everything breathes history … You can go to the sea: registration of marriage and vows of allegiance to the sound of the surf, wedding celebrations that smoothly turn into a relaxing beach holiday …

We offer a wedding in Santorini – this is the perfect solution from all sides. Firstly, Santorini is a Greek island rich in history and tradition. Mysterious vaults of ancient temples, snow-white, crowned with sky-azure domes, narrow streets and colorful buildings, successfully inscribed in the mountainous landscape of the island – everything breathes centuries-old history. And the gentle Aegean Sea, hugging the island from all sides, will give you a wonderful holiday. And, importantly, the couples can legally sign not in all corners of the globe, but Santorini is exactly the place where this is possible. And how much does this pleasure cost? You will be surprised, but the cost is about the same as if you were holding a similar wedding ceremony somewhere else! You can learn more about the cost of various wedding events in the Prices section. Our agency will help with organizing a wedding abroad and offers “turnkey”:

– Holding an official marriage registration ceremony on the island of Santorini,

 – Orthodox church wedding on the island of Santorini,

Symbolic marrige ceremony without registration by the sea.

 Symbolic wedding abroad? Santorini is also an ideal place for such a beautiful and vibrant ceremony, which is usually held after the relationship has already been officially registered. Relax and enjoy each other, and we will do everything to ensure that the most important event in your life goes flawlessly!

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