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Wedding prices in Santorini directly depend on the preferred format of the ceremony. Agency Santo Vibes Team is sensitive to the wishes of customers, trying to make each wedding special: beautiful and unique, as each of us. So when asked about the price of a wedding in Santorini, we ask the answer: “The wedding of your dreams: what is it?”

The cost of a wedding on the island of Santorini includes common Costs:

  • Air travel;
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation costs
  • Wedding dress and costume;
  • a gala dinner;

  • Photographer’s services;
  • Rings
  • The ceremony;
  • The ceremony.

These costs await every couple intending to marry on the island. However, the cost of organizing the ceremony itself depends directly on its scenario.

Wedding on Santorini. All inclusive scenarios

Prices: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото

Marriage proposal

The offer of a hand and a heart appears in girl’s dreams even more often than the wedding itself, because it is a moment of absolute love and trust. Wedding is a message “I want to love and protect this man forever” sent to the world. Offering a hand and a heart is the same message that has been said personally and for the first time.

The intimacy and significance of this moment cannot be overstated, and we create for it an atmosphere that will be remembered for a lifetime: a romantic candlelight dinner, a panoramic platform with live music, a yacht ride, a helicopter flight, or any other option of yours Dreams.

The cost of the organization of Marriage proposal is 600 euros.

Prices: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото

Symbolic ceremony

The symbolic ceremony is suitable for couples who dream of the perfect wedding in an ideal place, but do not want to complicate it with bureaucracy.

Formal marriage requires time, additional expenses, collection, notary reassurance and apostillization of documents.

Only your presence and two witnesses (who may be agency employees) are needed to hold a symbolic ceremony.

The price of a symbolic wedding on Santorini is 1200 euros.

Prices: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото

Marriage registration

To live the perfect wedding day on a magical island and realize the absolute fullness of the ceremony is a very special feeling. We will help you with the organization of the ceremony and the preparation of the necessary papers to obtain an official certificate of marriage registration in the City Hall of the island.

The cost of a wedding in Santorini with the official registration of marriage is 1500 euros.

Prices: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото

Church Wedding in an Orthodox Church

Dreaming of a wedding, girls often imagine not a mural in the registry office or the mayor’s office, and a long passage of the church, on which the bride in a beautiful white dress goes to her lover. In the cool church twilight candles burn and thin sunlight breaks through the narrow windows of high vaults, emphasizing the significance of the moment.

Fortunately, according to the laws of Greece, the wedding ceremony is identical to the official registration of marriage and does not require additional murals in the City Hall.

The price of the Church wedding ceremony on Santorini with the wedding is 1350 euros.

All the costs of weddings on Santorini are specified without flights, accommodation, food and rent of wedding venues. However, the agency offers all the necessary services for a comfortable ceremony and rest on the island.

Among the additional services we offer:


We have prepared a list of the most beautiful and unusual hotels in Santorini. Among them are hotels overlooking the caldera and volcano, a volcanic spa cave, gastronomic restaurants and a rich history (up to 200 years!).

Restaurants and wedding venues

Our agency team conducted a thorough selection restaurants of the island. In our collection you will see only the most beautiful, delicious and impressive places.

Among them are restaurants with molecular cuisine, live music, modern serving of ancient recipes, balconies for private dinners at the candles, location in an ancient cave and other interesting characteristics.

Prices of a wedding on Santorini from Minsk or a wedding in Santorini turnkey from St. Petersburg will not be any different. You can buy a prize wedding scenario from anywhere in the world.

Wedding prices in Santorini are pleasant and affordable and almost non- exceed the cost of similar ceremonies in Russia. The price of a wedding in Santorini from JuliaVeselova formed from our experience, meticulous work of coordinators, stylish decor, and a full package of services to organize and accompany the wedding. And free The application to it is warm sea, hot sun and a very special The beauty of this unique island.

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