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Symbolic wedding ceremony without registration by the sea in Europe

Symbolic wedding ceremony without registration by the sea in Europe: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото 2
Cost of
€ 1550 + 24% VAT

What you have for the cost of the package

  • Applying for marriage
  • Booking time and date with the Mayor/Priest
  • Ceremony venue reservation
  • The basic decoration of the place depending on the venue: (large white Greek lanterns, decorated olive trees, decorated glasses for the newlyweds, snow-white curtains on the tent)
  • Presence of our company representative at the ceremony
  • Coordination of the ceremony at the venue
  • The services of an interpreter during the ceremony
  • The providing of two required witnesses for the marriage ceremony
  • Wedding cake decorated in wedding style
  • CD music during the ceremony
  • Bouquet of the bride and groom’s boutonniere (seasonal flowers)
  • Certificate of marriage on Santorini
  • The basic style of the ceremony venue: tablecloth on the ceremonial table, candlesticks, candles, shells or boxes for rings, retro cage, pen, etc.
  • Preliminary meeting with Your organizer in the office of the wedding Agency on Santorini
  • Gift from the company: a treat at a preliminary meeting
  • Gift from the company: 2 baskets of rose petals for shedding the bride and groom
  • Full information support in the organization of the wedding ceremony and Banquet, as well as during​ Your holiday on the island (assistance in booking the services you need and etc)

How to organize your paphos or rustic ceremony of a symbolic wedding on Santorini

So, you decided to separate the bureaucracy from the holiday, and organize the romantic latter in the bosom of picturesque Greek landscapes. This is a balanced decision for those who dream of a wedding fairy tale with a simple and quick organization.

Planning a symbolic wedding ceremony on the island: all the nuances

A symbolic wedding does not require a long collection and delivery of the necessary papers, however, the ceremony requires planning: the earlier you decide on the date and place, the more chances to get the chosen wedding venue and plan everything to the smallest detail.

Symbolic wedding ceremony without registration by the sea in Europe: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото
  1. The most important decision is the choice of a responsible and experienced wedding plannig agency. Talented organizer will take into account all your wishes and offer the best options for locations and specialists to create an unforgettable wedding holiday abroad.
  2. Try to choose the wedding date and wedding venue in advance. Agency Julia Veselova has made a selection of the most beautiful and unusual wedding venues of Santorini. Chamber celebration, ceremony for two or a large Greek wedding — in our list are sites for holidays of any scale.
  3. With the choice of the site on Santorini will help to determine the format of the holiday: a large or small wedding or a symbolic ceremony for two: the format of the wedding depends on the size of the desired site and the level of its noise insulation (it is important to take into account when planning noisy party with a DJ). Part of the venues are located on the property, allowing you to accommodate all guests and reduce logistics to the site (for example, spectacular sledged santorini sites on the territory of hotels Cavo Ventus or Andromeda Villas).
  4. Wedding decor and floristry. For the right effect, you need to pick up the decor and floral decorations of the site on Santorini in accordance with the style of the wedding. Agency Julia Veselova cooperates with professional decorators who competently decorate the room and set the desired romantic atmosphere for the wedding.
  5. Photo shoot. Choosing a wedding photographer is very important, because of his skill you will be able to relive memories of the wedding day again and again and share your emotions with friends and family. To choose your top photographer, check out our portfolio and choose a master whose work you like. In addition to the photographer, you can order the services of a videographer and get a wedding clip and a full film about your wedding, as well as broadcast the wedding ceremony on the Internet in real time.

Romantic ceremony only wedding in details

The symbolic ceremony takes place in the presence of the mayor of the city, who solemnly marries a couple in love. However, instead of a marriage certificate, the couple receives a commemorative certificate in three languages. Sometimes couples get married in their country and organize a beautiful ceremony in Europe to celebrate the event. The symbolic type of the wedding ceremony is also suitable for married couples who want to make a beautiful holiday for themselves in the resort of Santorini, for example, on the wedding anniversary.

Santorini – one of the islands of the archipelago with the same name. Sometimes, preparing for the wedding, the bride and groom are unaware of the existence of the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Beautiful multi-colored beaches bordering a mountainous volcanic island, the blue of the Aegean Sea and the rocky caldera, Santorini is the perfect location for a beautiful romantic ceremony or honeymoon. There is a prejudice that a wedding abroad is an expensive event, but the cost of organizing a wedding is comparable to a similar ceremony in your country. In additio to the beautiful ceremony, you get an interesting trip and a honeymoon in one of the most romantic places on Earth.

How much does a symbolic wedding ceremony cost?

The cost of organizing a symbolic ceremony is 1550 euro.

The price does not include the rental of a wedding venue, flight and accommodation on the island. However, agency staff made a selection of the best wedding venues and hotels and villas on the island for ceremony, accommodation and relaxation.

Top wedding planner extra service

The agency offers a number of additional services to create a romantic atmosphere of a holiday or organization convenience (you can read more about the additional services of the agency on the page Additional services).

Symbolic wedding ceremony without registration by the sea in Europe: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото
  1. Music Musicians or tandem musicians and vocalists for a symbolic ceremony or banquet fill the wedding with the sounds of your favorite melodies and songs, setting the wedding vacancy with the right tone and atmosphere.
  2. Hiring a yacht Celebrate the wedding with a beautiful cruise: the rustle of the waves, the cool breeze and stunning views — a yacht cruise will make the wedding unforgettable and special.
  3. Helicopter ride Flying by helicopter over the archipelago is an unusual and beautiful decision. Especially spectacular and organic will look in tandem with the wedding in the location, which has a helipad.
  4. Rent a retro or modern car But renting a car — rather a way to move around the island with convenience and hold a photo shoot in all the planned locations. Although the photos on the background of the retro car also look very spectacular.
  5. Stylist services Help the stylist in applying make-up and creating a beautiful hairstyle will help the bride to look fresh and beautiful throughout the holiday and photosession.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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