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Among the wedding photos on the sea, photographs from the island of Santorini stand out vividly. Looking at wedding photos in Santorini, you plunge into a fairy-tale world where the princess says “yes” to her prince amid the setting sun, mountains and the beautiful sea coast.

What can be as beautiful as living this tale? Write it yourself!

Write, invent, assemble from small pieces, strokes, locations, lights and music. Each fairy tale needs characters and an author who inhabits the world around, making it vibrant and beautiful, an experienced and careful organizer.

About Julia Veselova

Julia Veselova has organized more than 70 weddings in three years. We created weddings for lovers from Russia, Europe, America and Asia: such different people, couples, characters. And each couple visited their fairy tale and took away priceless pearls of memories and photos as a keepsake.

Organizing a wedding – especially abroad – a laborious process, and giving your ceremony in our tremulous hands, you anticipate and live this wonderful day and leave all the trouble to us.

What services Julia Veselova offers:

  1. Help to choose the venue from the list of the best venues on the island
  2. Wedding organization in any necessary format: symbolic ceremony, official registration or wedding
  3. Taking care of all the necessary papers
  4. The best make-up artists and stylists who will choose an image that is perfect for you personally
  1. Different versions of musical accompaniment
  2. Talented and experienced florists and decorators
  3. Rent cars, boats, helicopters and yachts for celebration, proposal or photo shoot to make your Greek wedding as interesting and memorable as possible
  4. The best wedding photographers who will offer ideas and locations in advance for a photo shoot.

Wedding photos on the island of Santorini


Of course, the choice of a photographer is an important decision for each couple, and we would like to cover the issue of the photo shoot separately. A competent master will be able to beautifully and originalally capture the wedding at sea, to make a photo of the bride and groom so that, looking at the pictures, they can live again and again this memorable day.Our portfolio shows a variety of photos of weddings in Greece:

  • Photo weddings on the beach, against the backdrop of wind-cut rocks
  • Photo weddings on the beach: The surf hugs the endless sandy shore, and the newlyweds walk, dance and pose against its backdrop
  • Wedding on the beach with photos of dresses – important and expensive attributes to the heart of every bride
  • Photo weddings against the backdrop of Greece itself, that is, in the towns of the island: on the shady streets, against the backdrop of beautiful Kickland architecture, with its white walls and azure roofs

The photographer talentedly shows different images of brides: on the beach, during the utterance of the words of the oath, the first dance or fitting of the dress. Delicate and feminine, they watch from wedding photos against the sea, inviting the audience to touch the magical energy of that day.

The image of the groom in the photo is also complex and interesting: anticipation, anticipation, admiration when meeting the bride, a walk on the beach and the words of the oath. Strong and gentle, in love and courageous.

Looking through photos of weddings abroad, you will not meet such colorful and impressive locations as Santorini. This island is made for weddings and love. And if you are planning a wedding abroad, pay attention to the photo of this amazing place.

Marriage on the island of Santorini gives the opportunity to combine the wedding with the honeymoon in a unique romantic place. And the cost of the organization is comparable to the Russian prices for a similar celebration.

Choosing a wedding on Santorini and Julia Veselova as an organizer, you get a team in love with the island and your work. Every story of our clients is important and memorable for us. Everyone is special. When you trust us with your wedding, you get a carefully prepared fairy tale and beautiful memories for life.