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Official wedding registration abroad. Legal marriage in Greece

Official wedding registration abroad. Legal marriage in Greece: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото 2
Cost of
€ 1850 + 24% VAT

What you have for the cost of official wedding ceremony package

  • Applying for marriage
  • Advising on the collection of necessary documents
  • Checking the correctness of the finished documents
  • Payment of all state fees and charges
  • Preparation and submission of documents for legal marriage
  • Coordination and coordination with the mayor’s office
  • City Hall tax
  • Escort to the City Hall the day after the ceremony and back to obtain a marriage certificate and start the legalization procedure
  • Wedding ceremony venue reservation
  • Coordinating the wedding ceremony
  • Sending apostilled marriage certificate in Greek to Russia (apostilled, certified by the Consulate marriage certificate You can get within 1-2 months from the date of the ceremony by mail)
  • Meeting with a wedding planner on Santorini island (day before the ceremony)
  • Presence of our company representative at the ceremony
  • Coordination of the ceremony at the venue
  • The services of an interpreter during the ceremony
  • Providing of two witnesses for the wedding ceremony
  • Bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere
  • Wedding cake decorated in wedding style
  • Music at the ceremony
  • Basic decoration of the place depending on the venue, a large range of decor (candles, candlesticks, boxes for rings, etc)
  • Theme design of the registration table
  • Full information support in the organization of the wedding ceremony and Banquet, as well as the organization of leisure on the island (assistance in booking the services you need, etc)
  • Selection of flights and hotels
  • Gift from the company: a treat from the wedding planner at the meeting
  • Marriage certificate on the island of Santorini
  • Wedding gift from our company: baskets with rose petals for shedding the bride and groom

Planning the best official registration of marriage in Greece

Marriage abroad requires a scrupulous organization: you need not only to go through the standard stages of wedding training, but also to collect a specific set of documents. And what's more, do it all remotely. 

Planning your official ceremony, check out a handy checklist of things to do:

  • The choice of date and time.
    If you plan to combine registration and honeymoon vacation, choose the right date carefully to avoid the rainy season or excessive heat. The best time for a wedding on Santorini is September: the velvet season, with a moderately warm sun but still warm sea.
  • The format of the celebration.
    Chamber romantic ceremony for two or a big Greek wedding? A luxury gala dinner or a party? The answers to these questions will help you to choose the right place for your wedding of dream.
  • Renting a wedding venue for the ceremony.
    Santorini is a popular resort for weddings and recreation, so the site should be chosen and booked in advance. The sooner you decide on the date of the wedding, the more chances to book your favorite location. On the page Venues we have collected the most attractive wedding venues of Santorini: luxury hotels, restaurants with gastronomic cuisine, winery villas, and magnificent platforms with panoramic views (for example, the pearl of the island — Santorini Gem or the beautiful Villa Irini luxury villa hotel). The cost of renting the site depends on the duration of the celebration and the number of guests. Typically, the cost includes traditional decor, chairs and an arch for marriage.
  • Collecting and submitting documents for a wedding
  • Only a symbolic type of ceremony is without bureaucratic formalities. The difference between a symbolic ceremony and an official registration is the lack of its legal validity (but if you want to simplify and speed up preparations for the wedding, a symbolic ceremony in Greece is your option). The list of necessary documents for the official Greek wedding can be found on the page Documents. Please note that all papers must be collected no more than 3 months before the celebration (otherwise they are considered invalid) and at least 6 weeks before the wedding date.
  • Accomodationg and lodging
    Your wedding day begins and ends at the hotel. Moreover, couples come to the island to combine a symbolic or official type of ceremony with a romantic holiday in the resort of Santorini, so the hotel largely depends on the overall impression of the holiday. Our selection includes the best Resort Hotels of Santorini, including luxury villas, spa hotels, cliffed hotels and even a luxury hotel with a jacuzzi and a swimming pool in every room (villa-hotel Villa Irini in a small village Imeregli). The Resort Hotel of the Megalohorion Suites of the Gods deserves special attention. The hotel has a great place to host the ceremony — a beautiful wedding venue on a cliff overlooking the Santorin volcano.
  • Choosing a photographer and ordering a photo shoot
    The photo shoot will help to keep memories of the wonderful wedding day for many years, to share your emotions with friends and family. To order a photo shoot and video service, check out the photo on the portfolio page and choose the most favorite works. The cost of a photo shoot depends on the duration of the shoot and the urgency of processing the photos. The duration of the shooting with the fees in the hotel and the wedding ceremony itself takes about 3 hours. It will take all day to film the ceremony, gatherings, banquets and romantic sunset walks. The photographer will clarify your preferences in advance, offer and agree with you the optimal list of locations: Cyclandic architecture, volcano, magical beach Santorini Perissa with volcanic black sand — you just have to choose.
  • Bride’s dress and groom’s costume
    One of the most exciting choices for girls: careful selection of dresses, make-up, jewelry for the wedding. However, in the case of a symbolic wedding or a romantic photo shoot, you do not have to buy a dress: you can rent one of the beautiful dresses with a train for photography.
  • Decor and florals
    Properly selected decor sets the celebration to the proper atmosphere, and live flowers give the decoration tenderness, freshness and natural beauty. Agency Julia Veselova cooperates only with the best wedding florists and decorators who will make the decoration of your marriage venue truly magical.

Official registration: what is the ceremony on the island of Santorini?

The ceremony takes place on a beautiful wedding venue with panoramic views. Surrounded by friends or alone, lovers appear in front of each other at a beautiful arch or gazebo decorated with flowers. On the exquisitely decorated table are laid out wedding attributes and a book in which the newlyweds seal their union with signatures. The ceremony is held by the mayor of the city in Greek, accompanied by a representative of the agency and an interpreter.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and guests go to a banquet or a romantic photo session. Blue roofs, a caldera, the picturesque Santorin volcano and the unique beach of Santorini — Perissa with black volcanic sand — what could be more romantic?

The next day after registration (or on Monday, if the wedding was on Friday or at the weekend) the newlyweds go to the mayor’s office with foreign passports to obtain a marriage certificate. In the presence of a notarized power of attorney, these formalities can be undertaken by a representative of the agency.

We also want to note that in Greece, the legal force of a wedding is equivalent to a civil registration of marriage. Therefore, if you dream of a beautiful ceremony in a church, this is another good reason to hold it here: on the beautiful island of Santorini.

The price of organizing your official marriage registration

The cost of the wedding agency’s services for organizing your official marriage registranion abroad — 1500 €

The price does not include the flight to Santorini and back home. Because of this you can conclude a contract with us from any city of any country.

We are happy to share reviews and photos of our clients on the portfolio page: not a single negative review of our work, and more than 70 happy couples.

Prices of the agency are comparable to the cost of weddings of a similar format in your country. However, choosing a wedding on Santorini will give you an unforgettable journey, a romantic honeymoon by the sea and precious memories of a lifetime.

Come to Julia Veselova agency and we let’s write your unique script for a incredible wedding story just for you.

Documents necessary to register a marriage abroad for Europe Union

  • Birth certificate with both parents names inside, with an Apostille stamp, translated into Greek.
  • Marriage license/Single status letter/Capacity to marry/Letter of no impediment with both of your names written on it, with an Apostille stamp, tranlsted into Greek.
  • Divorce certificated if you have been married previously.
  • Death certificate, Deed pool certificate or adoption certificate if appropriate.
  • Photocopies of your passports.

Documents necessary to register a marriage abroad for Americans

There are two different options available. Study both of them below and choose one that works for you:

Option I. (Documents to be taken only from USA)

  • Full birth certificate with both parents names inside, with an Apostille stamp, tranlsted into Greek.
  • Single status letter or Letter of no impediment one for each of you with an Apostille stamp, tranlsted into Greek. Single status letter is a document issued from your local Registrar and insures that you are free to get married.
  • Marriage license with Apostille (one license covers both of you), that is valid for a wedding outside, translated into Greek.
  • Affidavit of Single status (no translation and no Apostille is required). We will email for you this form for comlpetion — it must be stamped by the Registrar’s office.
  • Divorce certificated if you have been married previously.
  • Death certificate, Deed pool certificate or adoption certificate if appropriate.
  • Photocopies of your passports.

Option II. (You will pass by in person to the USA embassy in Athens)

  • From the USA embassy in Athens you will take in person an Affidavit of Marital status to cover both the bride and groom instead of Marriage license or Single status letter as mentioned in Option I above.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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