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Greek traditional cuisine for your exotic wedding on Santorini makes your getaway unusual and unique

Greek traditional cuisine for your exotic wedding on Santorini makes your getaway unusual and unique

Santorini or St. Irina Island is a beautiful Greek wedding island with a thousand-year history, full of legends and myths. Every traveler is immediately enthralled by the magnificent nature of the island — the azure Aegean Sea and amazing sunsets. It is worth noting the friendliness and hospitality of the Greeks, as well as the magnificent cuisine of the island.

Culinary journey through Santorini perfectly complements the tourist holiday and gives a lot of pleasant impressions to guests. And what unique culinary masterpieces are preparing for wedding banquets. After all, it is no secret that the island every year is an incredible number of weddings. Each restaurant offers a unique wedding menu, with gourmet appetizers, dishes, wines and desserts. Therefore, the wedding on the island will give not only aesthetic delight, but also pleasant gastronomic pleasures for guests and happy newlyweds.

Greek traditional cuisine: unusual in the ordinary

Wedding in Greece - decoration

The cuisine of Santorini perfectly combines Mediterranean motifs and national Greek flavor. Local products are used to prepare dishes. All the freshest and only the highest quality. Vegetables and fruits grown on small rocky areas of the earth differ from mainland products of unusual taste, color and size.

In the taverns and restaurants of Santorini you can try white eggplant, round courgettes, delicious cherry tomatoes the size of cherries with an unusual bright and rich taste, a special variety of legumes, «fava Santorini» that does not grow anywhere else, capers and more. For dessert, you can eat very sweet watermelons, which are more like small melons, fragrant mangoes and peaches.

Combining traditions and fashion trends in cooking

Wedding in Greece - decoration

Do not think that the Santorin a cuisine is represented exclusively by traditional Greek or Mediterranean dishes. Many of the island’s restaurants offer fine dining. Chef chefs successfully combine local traditions in cooking with elements of food culture of different countries and continents, which is typical of the cuisine “fusion”.

Separately, it is necessary to note the magnificent variety of Santorin wines. Everyone who has tasted the island’s wines celebrates the unique taste and aroma. In wine bouquets you can catch notes of citrus, floral motifs, aromas of spices, herbs, nuts or honey.

Many restaurants offer to appreciate the merits of Santorini wines at wine tastings, and experienced sommeliers will help to pick up wine for each dish and for each occasion.

Santorini dishes for your wedding banquet

Separately, it is worth to stop at traditional Santorin dishes that will please the unusual taste of each traveler. Delicious pancakes of tomatoes with herbs, peppers, onions and herbs, goat cheese Chlorotyri with which a real Greek salad is cooked, puree of local legumes Fara or white baked eggplant with olive oil, spices and garlic. It is great to prepare seafood — squid, lobster, shrimp and fish, with exquisite sauces and vegetables.

Wedding in Greece - decoration

Despite the fact that Greek cuisine is dominated by vegetables, fruits, dairy products and seafood, meat lovers will also be offered a variety of unusual meat delicacies. Among them — snacks from raw meat, baked pork, beef or lamb, cooked on the grill.

For dessert you can order ice cream, which is prepared in cafes and restaurants according to their own recipes, delicious soup, cakes, exquisite fruit desserts.

Although Santorini is considered a stylish and expensive resort, the island offers dinner not only in an exclusive expensive restaurant, but also in a nice cozy tavern with affordable prices and delicious food.

Our company organizes weddings in Santorini and we will be happy to organize this important and significant event for you. We help you to choose a hotel restaurant or winery villa for your wedding, depending on your wishes, tastes and gastronomic preferences.

Santorini Cuisine is a unique gastronomic journey with dishes for all tastes, fine wines and pleasant wedding experiences. What could be more delightful to get married abroad?

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