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Same sex destination wedding ceremony in Greece

1. Pompeii of Aegean Sea

2. Personal Wedding Experience

3. Network of Businesses for your Comfort

4. No Bureaucracy, no Discrimination

5. Julia Veselova Agency and Services

6. LGBT Marriages – our Chance to Grow

7. Individual Options and All-Inclusive Packages

8. Affordable Marriage Abroad

9. Equality Mission. Love for Everyone

As an experienced wedding planner and a caring person, I can make a perfect same sex wedding ceremony for you. Many couples face stress when it comes to organization issues, while gay couples have even more difficulties. I know how much it matters to be delicate and helping when organizing the event. My team and I find it inspiring to elaborate solutions for same sex marriages. Below, I would love to share my vision on how we could make your perfect ceremony and represent my services in brief.

Same sex destination wedding ceremony in Greece

Pompeii of Aegean Sea

Choosing a destination is probably a key decision for the wedding. People usually try to find something special for themselves and for the guests. I suggest you celebrating this day on Santorini in Greece, a location associated with everlasting love. Santorini is a beautiful and safe gay or lesbian wedding venue. This is a truly historical destination with a mild climate and various landscapes. You will be able to combine lying on the beach, going to parties and enjoying a wholesome cultural program. Thus, the trip may extend to a memorable honeymoon.

This volcanic island has a long winemaking tradition, cafés and restaurants, perfect sand beaches and other attributes of paradise. The architecture is fascinating and there are old sites, caves and ruins to explore.

Personal Wedding Experience

Making weddings for people here, on Santorini, is a personal thing, since my own wedding took place on this ancient island. I confirm that there is something marvelous about the destination giving birth to a profound feeling of love and attraction. When I arrived here for the first time, I could not believe this place was real. My work here is a long personal story of getting to know nature, people and the magic that I am now able to share with the clients.

Network of Businesses for your Comfort

I invite you to visit this brilliant romantic destination to experience the best conditions for you and your lover on that very special date. My sincere intention is to make your dreams come true, listening carefully to all your wishes. When I help people create memories, I always strive to become their friend and confidant. Open to your ideas, I perform professional communication with local businesses to get everything done for the event. It is my duty to think how everything is going to be ordered and delivered. What I need from you is ideas. In case you are not sure, I can tell you about the best practices that my team has ever done when we applied solutions for other marriages. I have successful cases to share with you.

No Bureaucracy, no Discrimination

At the same time, I am extremely careful about gay wedding organizational process. I am well informed about legal, religious and other formal issues, so I will be ready to consult you and provide the necessary comfort.

Also, we do not allow any sort of discrimination to same sex couples by our suppliers and partners to say nothing of my own team of specialists. Population in Greece is quite relaxed and friendly to visitors. Businesses of Santorini are famous for high standards of service.

Julia Veselova Agency and Services

Same sex marriage proposal on the Island of Santorini, Greece
Same sex marriage proposal on the Island of Santorini, Greece

Let me introduce you to some more advantages of this wedding trip and my agency in a more detailed way. Whether it is an intimate retreat for two with romantic strolls in the area or a fun party for friends and relatives, I will offer packages to fill this ceremony with memories. LGBT weddings are a unique and bright component of our wonderful modern world. We can either make it a loud equality celebration or perform it in a more intimate manner. Working as a gay marriage planner, I understand responsibility and significance of the mission. Trust and understanding is essential for me. Depending on your needs, I will offer you a selection of venues for the ceremony, suitable residence options during your stay on Santorini and transportation routes for your guests.

I can give you some tips and recommendations on how to make the wedding exclusive for them too. The agency will deal with invitations, food preferences and everything else to comfort all the people you decided to see on that date besides you. We will do our best to make them feel good at the venue, understanding clearly the whole marriage procedure. Sometimes, the couple feels uncomfortable to give certain announcements and hints to friends or relatives concerning practical and organizational things. Our managers will bear responsibility for that to avoid all excessive communication for you. Should you want to make any surprises for the guests, we will help organize everything and keep that in secret until the appropriate moment. In addition, we will inform you of documentary issues for your registration, explaining how to simplify regular processes. Same sex marriages are puzzling for many, but as I mentioned above my colleagues and I are prepared to face such formalities instead of you.

LGBT Marriages – our Chance to Grow

Same sex weddings are also amazing due to creativity opportunities. Unlike traditional weddings, we do not have so many limitations to make this day look exactly as you want. Templates and patterns are not strict when we speak of gay and lesbian weddings. This broadens our horizons. I love this challenge and will be glad to assist you in everything you expect me to. Table plan, speeches, walking down the aisle, moving around venues, flowers, photos, vows – this all can be changed and adjusted. We have plenty of possible scenarios for any wedding. You are free to choose decorations, colors or even words that you would like to say or hear at the ceremony.

Gay wedding ideas are numerous. We do not have to follow general wedding party labels, so we are able to state people’s roles in the ceremony. Somebody will need to help the couple get ready; someone will hold the rings and guide guests to their seats. This can be anyone you choose or our agency may give you a hand for some tasks. For example, we can be responsible for the pictures in the world’s most adorable landscapes. We will take care about serving meals, drinks and about finding suppliers.

During the talks, we will choose style of clothes, music, cuisine and cocktail menu, a first dance melody and arrange smaller details in order to make things even more special. We can build a well-structured procedure or reject most formalities and symbolic acts. We can use pride colors in decor, cake or in clothes elements. At the same time, it does not necessarily have to differ from traditional wedding at all. It is up to you to decide. It is all about fun and love, right?

Individual Options and All-Inclusive Packages

Lesbian marriage wedding ceremony in Santorini
Lesbian marriage wedding ceremony in Santorini

I have created all-inclusive gay wedding packages to meet your requirements and dearest wishes hoping to make this day an unforgettable start of your lifelong love adventure. Julia Veselova’s agency is reliable and experienced enough to make sure your ceremony in Greece will remain a warm memory forever. We have brilliant reviews in different journals and magazines, describing the happy moments that we have shared with our customers, but the goal of my efforts is to feel your personal gratitude. When I organize weddings, I consider each of them the principal day for a couple. This means I must be efficient, creative and caring.

In search for best ideas, I am always around to discuss ideas, still respecting your intimacy and privacy during the process. I have organized many weddings on Santorini and I know local advantages that the destination can offer. Gay weddings in Greece are an exotic and special choice that will surely get more popular in the nearest future. It would be a great idea to discover the welcoming spirit of Greece in one of its most romantic venues.

Affordable Marriage Abroad

At this point, you should not think that the process will be complex and inevitably expensive. Generally, gay weddings abroad are thought to cost quite a lot. However, starting your life together here is not only charming, but also affordable. Prices for goods and services in Greece are reasonable, and we can always adjust packages individually. In addition, this is all not so complex as long as you have an experienced team of wedding planners. Talking to you, we will define the things that you would like to have on the list, as well as those not wanted. My commitment is that discussing not-to-do things is also important in order to get only good impressions and make sure that nothing will go wrong in this magical day. Adding or removing options from the package, we can make Santorini a surprisingly affordable destination abroad for every couple. Still, for those who want more we offer additional services: we organize fireworks, rent cars, yachts or even helicopters. Step by step we will find a way to build a unique wedding ceremony.

Equality Mission. Love for Everyone

For us, organization of same sex weddings is a precious experience and I promise to treat your ideas responsibly to make one more couple happier. Since this job started as a personal story of my wedding abroad, I love to see same emotions of excitement on people’s faces that I have experienced at my own ceremony. Now, when I started the agency, opportunities to create exclusive ceremonies in the nicest venues of the destination have grown. I will be delighted to become your wedding planner, offering Santorini’s excellent entertainment services for you, your lover, your friends and relatives.

I share inclusive values and love-for-everyone principles, so I am looking forward to making a perfect wedding for you and your dearest people. LGBT weddings are something that makes our world more fair and kind, so our agency is there to contribute. A new family is always a new hope for the world to evolve into a better place.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about same sex weddings and to discuss your individual plan, conditions and costs. I am sure that together we will set up a great celebration in Greece, because it is easier than you may think.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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