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Order a car for newlyweds on Santorini. Plan your romantic adventurous wedding

Order a car for newlyweds on Santorini. Plan your romantic adventurous wedding

Ordering a car is an important part of preparing a wedding celebration abroad, so with the apparent insignificance, this issue should be given special attention. After all, during the wedding every little thing is important,  if you are kept waiting or late it will not make the wedding pleasant and bring a lot of excitement to the newlyweds.

Why ordering a car makes your wedding trip amazing?

If the wedding ceremony, wedding banquet (dinner) and the wedding night are planned to be held in different places, the car will certainly be necessary. In this situation, transport may need not only the newlyweds, but also guests of the holiday. Taken care of a car in advance, because in the high season taxis can be all booked.

Wedding in Greece - decoration

To avoid unnecessary costs, as well as not to worry about moving, you can order all wedding services in one place. Especially since the venues that offer the whole range of services for wedding celebrations are numerous.

The package of services for newlyweds includes providing a platform for the wedding ceremony, preparing a wedding dinner and booking a beautiful apartment for newlyweds for the first wedding night or honeymoon. In this case, you can even save money. After all, when ordering a few nights in a hotel or dinner in a restaurant (if the ceremony is held on the site of the restaurant), there is no need to pay for the rent of the site for the wedding ceremony.

Any of the wedding venues on the island have a great location. Amazing view of the sea and the extinct volcano, picturesque surroundings, a delightful sky overhead will be a pleasant gift to the solemnity of the moment, and will create a unique atmosphere of wedding celebration.

Ordering a car it is also important to clarify whether there is a parking space near the wedding site or dinner, so as not to have to walk for a long time.

Instead of a car, you can also take advantage of the island’s unique transport — asses that move easily on a bitter landscape, and the newlyweds will get a lot of positive emotions and pleasant feelings. This is great if the distance between the venues is small.

Renting a car for a wedding for a few days, you can use it in the future to carefully consider the island, to enjoy its atmosphere and nature. Believe me, the island has a lot to offer. Having been on the caldera and watching the amazing sunset, be sure to stay on the unique beaches of the island on the east coast. There you can meet no less beautiful dawn, under the sound of the surf on the sandy shore. You will not depend on public transport or taxis, and make your own travel schedule.

Wedding design in Santorini

There are quite a lot of issues that need to be solved when organizing a wedding, and it is quite difficult to solve them while in another country. Therefore, it is best to entrust the arranging of your holiday to professional wedding organizers. On the spot it is much easier to choose the most preferable option for newlyweds, based on their wishes and opportunities.

Our company organizes a turnkey wedding in Santorini. We take care of all the organizational moments of your wedding celebration and make the holiday delightful and unforgettable.

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