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Wedding abroad: wedding photographer

 A wedding abroad, although becoming more and more popular, is still unusual, original, it is one of the brightest events in life, which you will remember as something magical and unearthly.

And in order for memories not to turn into something ephemeral, they must be captured. As the classic said: “Stop, moment! You are wonderful!” Especially if it is a wedding in Santorini! After all, this Greek island is like a dream come true, a paradise that has descended to earth, a fairy tale that has come true.

You can shoot everything and everywhere! The azure boundless sea, on the horizon merging with the sky, and on a blue background – as if fashioned from snow, snow-white houses and streets. Dazzling white temples, crowned with azure domes, as if the sky had descended to crown them with a heavenly crown …

Truly, marriages are made in Heaven, and in Santorini! And flowers of various colors, diluting the abundance of blue and white with bright accents …

Well, how not to capture all this splendor and, of course, yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, on camera?

Turnkey weddings include the services of a photographer

Our agency takes care of everything. That is why the services of a wedding photographer, along with paperwork, choosing a wedding location, restaurant, hotel and other irreplaceable things, are included in the list of services that we provide. We guarantee that the photo session will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible, and the photos, processed by the skillful hand of the master, will give you many pleasant minutes. Prices for photo shoots in Greece are comparable to those in Russia. For more information about prices for photography services, click here.

Photo session in Santorini – which includes:

A wedding photographer in Santorini will definitely discuss the shooting scenario with you, help you calculate the timing, because moving from one location to another takes time. A photographer who knows the island well will suggest shooting locations, taking into account the location of the hotel, the format of the event and other important points that the newlyweds may forget, but a professional photographer will not forget. Only the most picturesque corners, only the most romantic places of Santorini! The photographer will take several thousand shots, from which he will choose the best ones – about 80 photos for every hour of shooting. Of course, he will process all the photos, make color correction, retouch portrait photos. Understanding that you can’t wait to share wonderful moments with your friends, he will send the first – and best – 5-10 photos 14 days after the event. The rest of the photos will be ready within three months. Can it be faster? Can. Photo processing for 2 weeks – with a surcharge of 50%. For 1 month – 25%. For 2 months – 15%. Choosing a wedding photographer is easy!

 You will be able to choose a photographer whose work style resonates with you the most, we will definitely provide a portfolio. Our rich experience – more than 70 turnkey weddings – has allowed us to collect a portfolio of photography masters for every taste. And remember – it is better to decide on the choice of a photographer in advance, since in the hot season of weddings they have a hot time. Entrust the most precious, unique moments of your life to professionals, and they will keep the memory of them for many years to come!

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