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The best wedding photographer for your ceremony and honeymoon getaway

The best wedding photographer for your ceremony and honeymoon getaway: wedding in santorini, Julia Veselova wedding agency - Photo 3

Official marriage registration, chursh wedding or marriage proposal abroad is an unforgettable event in the life of a married couple, every second of which you want to taste, live entirely. That is why a sensitive and talented wedding planner, a carefully chosen venue for the celebration, as well as wedding photos are so important for the careful storage of precious memories of this day. 

What you have for the cost of the wedding photographer package

The cost of a photo shoot in Santorini from 150 euros per hour.

The photo shoot includes:

  1. Discussion of the scenario calculation and timing
    The photographer will specify in advance the nature of the photo shoot and the format of the wedding ceremony, will offer the optimal location for the shooting, based on the location of the hotel, time of a day and theme of the event.

    The Aegean coast is famous for its black sand, shady streets and picturesque sites of the island. Your wedding photographer offers only the most picturesque and romantic locations on the island for a wedding photo shoot.
  2. Shootings
    The photographer agrees in advance with the couple the number of hours of shooting, the optimal number and location for this time.
  3. The selection of the material
    During the photo shoot, the photographer takes several thousand shots, of which he selects about 80 photos from each hour of working time.
  4. Processing
    All the selected photos undergo brightness and contrast correction, color correction, large-face portraits are retouched by the photographer or a professional Retoucher. The first 5-10 best photos you’ll get in 14 days after the event. The rest of the photos will be ready within 120 days.

NB: you can order accelerated photo processing out of turn:

  • photo processing for 2 weeks occurs at a surcharge of 50 %
  • For 1 month-in surcharge at 25%
  • For 2 months-in surcharge at 15%

Wedding video shoot on Santorini: details and cost of videographer services

The best wedding photographer for your ceremony and honeymoon getaway: свадьба на санторини, свадебное агентство Julia Veselova - Фото 1
Julia Veselova

A wedding abroad is a memorable event, even if it is only a symbolic ceremony, and the newlyweds want to remember the warm and sunny atmosphere that accompanied them on this day. The best way to do this is a wedding video session on Santorini with the services of a videographer. A short video clip with romantic music in combination with a full-fledged film will help to re-experience the emotions experienced on a memorable day and share precious memories with family and friends.

Videography in Santorini costs 600 € for the first two hours and 200 € for each subsequent hour.

As a result you get:

  1. A short clip of a romantic, lasting 2-5 minutes.
  2. Full wedding film with a duration of 15-45 minutes.
  3. Aerial photography carried out with a quadcopter (if you order more than 3 hours).

The installation period takes up to 180 days. However, for an additional fee, it is possible to order an accelerated installation of video materials. However, for an additional fee, it is possible to order an accelerated installation of video materials:

  • Installation in 2 weeks — 500 €
  • Installation for 1 month — 250 €
  • Installation for 2 months — 100 €.

How to choose top wedding photographer on Santorini?

When choosing a photographer for a wedding photo shoot in Santorini, give preference to the masters whose works cause you the greatest response.

You can see the works of Santorini wedding photographers in our portfolio: 70 weddings including official weddings romantic photo shoots — Santorini love story — and wedding photo shoots in Santorini without ceremony.

What you need to know planning your wedding photo shoot abroad

  • Photo shoot prices in Greece include the time needed to travel around the island
  • A necessary condition for a photo shoot is renting a car that can accommodate all participants of the shooting
  • For optimal results, it is necessary to discuss the details of the photo shoot before it begins.
  • The client’s delay of more than 15 minutes is considered to be the photographer’s working time. In case of delay of the photographer, the countdown is conducted from the beginning of his work
  • For booking a photographer you should choose the date, duration of the shooting and make a prepayment of 30%. The balance of the photo shoot is paid immediately after, on the spot.
  • The sooner you choose the photographer, the day of the photo shoot and its format, the better: in the hot season of weddings, photographers have a fairly busy schedule
  • If you are planning a photo shoot in Greece without a ceremony, but you need a beautiful dress, we can offer you the rental of beautiful options of dresses with a long train. However, please note that wedding venues are only available for photo shoots if they are rented beforehand
  • All prices are at a discount of 15% and assume your consent to the placement of photos and videos in our wedding agency Portfolio section. If you want a confidential shoot, unfortunately the discount is not valid.

What is the duration of the wedding photo shoot?

When you’re planning the budget, you need to know the final price of photographers for shooting a wedding on Santorini. To do this, you need to understand the duration of the shooting.

Shooting a love story or a photo shoot in beautiful outfits without the ceremony itself takes about 3-4 hours. During this time you will be able to visit 3-4 locations.

Shooting a full wedding day requires individual calculation of time. Its duration depends on the geolocation of the hotel, the number of locations for shooting. On average, shooting fees + transfer to the place of the ceremony takes 1-2 hours. Shooting a wedding location and restaurant can be reached within 30-60 minutes. We offer to finish the photo session with beautiful pictures in the background of the setting sun, so the time of the ceremony and the time of sunset is also important.

Given these details, the photographer will be able to calculate the optimal timing.

Optional services of photo & video shooting of your wedding planner agency

  • Provision of all the footage (for an additional 30% of the cost)
  • Basic retouching of skin defects — 5 € per photo
  • Art retouching — 10 € per photo
  • Two-camera shooting (+30% to the cost)
  • Provision of all footage (30-120GB) — 150 €
  • One set of clip and video corrections is provided free of charge, the price of each correction is 150 €
  • Live video broadcast of the ceremony on the Internet (360 360 VR) — 150 €

The prices of photo shoot and videography in Greece are comparable with the services of masters of a similar level in your country. There are photographers willing to work for less, but such enthusiasm often goes hand in hand with a lack of skill or experience.

All the professionals are personally selected by the wedding planner agency of Julia Veselova, and we are responsible for the quality of their work. They are all professionals, who will help to capture precious moments beautiful and carefully, so that you can remember them with warmth all your life long.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

Do you want the same?

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