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How many words I want to say to express gratitude to Jula…

How many words I want to say to express gratitude to Jula…
Olga and Alexey

You have to rewrite the review several times, shortening and leaving the main thing)

Our wedding took place on July 7, 2017 on the magical island of Santorini. If suddenly someone considers this island not magical – contact Jula, she will definitely say that you need to see to fall in love with him).

And on a magical island what kind of wedding can be? Just fabulous! And this was our thanks to our fairy-organizer! In the process of preparation Julia unobtrusively and accurately asked all the questions, gave advice, which, in the end, led to the fact that on the wedding day we did not think about anything, enjoying the atmosphere around and the views of the island.

The day went for granted. It is even difficult to imagine how high-quality the work of the organizer should be, so that not a single hitch does not happen. Since my husband and I are two disaster people, it was very surprising that the day was so peaceful and wonderful. Julia was able to do, it seems, impossible – that our such a significant day went much better than expected! I don’t think it’s even professionalism, it’s a calling! We are ready to endlessly say gratitude and confess their love) Lesha and Olga.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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